Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Update: JGL is Alberto Falcone!

This has been long rumored and speculated about before, but according to a report from Variety and followed up by a post in Newsarama, it can now be officially confirmed that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in Christopher Nolan's next bat-flick The Dark Knight Rises; playing the part of Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone (played by veteran actor Tom Wilkinson and last seen in Batman Begins) and heir of the leader of the Falcone Crime Family. With the news official since last Friday, JGL reunites with Nolan, who directed him in Inception, and his fellow co-star in the film Tom Hardy, who will play Bane in the new Batman movie. I did state in my previous post a month before that this role was tailor-made to fit for JGL, who has the build and look to fit the role of Alberto, who was also known as The Holiday Killer in the pages of Batman: The Long Halloween. Nolan has a knack of drawing inspiration from classic Batman stories and creating script that's just A-list material in his bat-films, not to mention his choice of top class actors that only reassures us fans that we'll be getting a great product come 2012! For more information on the casting news, visit Variety and Newsarama!

The Dark Knight Rises premieres on theaters worldwide come July 20, 2012!

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