Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DC Reboot Update: Full look at "NEW" Superman in Action Comics #1

If there's anything to feel awkward about the forthcoming DC Reboot, this new reveal presented by DC Comics and the New York Post of the cover to Action Comics #1 probably takes the cake:

Ok, let's take a moment to ponder and analyze this entire cover pic.

It's the new look of Superman.

He's wearing a classic blue "S" symbol T-Shirt.

He has a short cape.

He's wearing a regular pair of jeans and shoes.

How the heck this got approved to usher in the DC Reboot is beyond me and most of the DC fanbase. While the focus in this book is being justified as a "Year One" concept for Supes, I'm not too sold on the "half-assed"Supes outfit. It looks too much like one of those T-Shirts you can buy off the department store, and all you need is a red towel and you're good to go... in an awkward sort of way.

Granted, the good news is that the book will be written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Rags Morales, but this "new look" of Superman does the opposite of making me excited about reading this book based on DC's iconic superhero. I know this version of Clark Kent is actually his "past self", when he was still learning to control his powers and didn't have the ability to fly yet, but why couldn't they take a different approach at tailoring his costume, let alone NOT give him a costume at all? I know they're taking a page out of Tom Welling and his portrayal of a younger Supes from Smallville, but this is just a downright silly look for the Man of Steel. Heck, it reminds me so much of a Super Friends episode where Superman regressed to a child again (due to Red Kryptonite) and Firestorm used his powers to make his costume fit his age at the time. When he finally turned back, you can just imagine how tight fitting and small his costume was, and that's the feeling I get from this new costume. Well, one can only hope there's a good reason why Kal-El looks like this and why his marriage to Lois Lane had to go down south like Spider-Man's did a few years ago, but that's the repercussions of the DC Reboot for you. For more on the story, visit the source posts at the New York Post and Newsarama.

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