Sunday, July 10, 2011

Juan of the Dead Trailer 1: Zombies vs Cubans equals AWESOME

What would you get if you placed a zombie apocalypse scenario 50 years after the Cuban Revolution? That's where "Juan of the Dead" comes in, and everything about this trailer simply shouts "MUST. WATCH!" and "CAN'T WAIT!" to those who love the gore and genre! Check out the first trailer of what's looking to be an insane sleeper horror hit!

Juan of the Dead Trailer

DAMN! HILARIOUS AND AWESOME! It's kinda like a spoof nod to George A. Romero's Zombie flicks ala the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost starring Shaun of the Dead, but this one adds a layer of grit and action that'll definitely make fans like me excited to see this in theaters or home video! Thanks goes to Slash Film and Latino Review for posting the trailer, so check out these links for more info!

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