Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reminiscing about Inception...

A year ago today, I reviewed one of the most brilliant and majestic films I've ever had the chance of witnessing in cinema, and it was born out of the creative imagination of the same man who gave us "The Dark Knight" to boot. British director Christopher Nolan unleashed in the month of July 2010 "Inception", a film that follows a man named Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a man wanted for murder, on the run, and who specializes in navigating through people's minds and steals valuable information from their subconscious. When Cobb is given the chance to regain his old life and go back to his children, he assembles a team to do a job that is seemingly impossible - "Inception". Instead of stealing information, he must plant it and provide inspiration to his target. Here's the trailer for your viewing benefit if you need a visual demonstration of what this movie has to offer.

Inception Trailer 2

Once it premiered in theaters, Inception quickly became an instant hit and success. It became the talk of the town and internet for months, and gradually as the year came to a close, it became my film of the year pick for 2010. Everything about Nolan's film here spoke brilliance, originality, and Oscar winning material, and while it didn't win the Academy for best film, it did win some achievements related to effects and cinematography. Even though a year has passed and it's Harry Potter season now, Nolan's next film, The Dark Knight Rises, is currently in the works and being hotly anticipated. If you haven't seen or touched any of the man's works, do yourself a favor and go see this and his Batman films now.

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