Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reports and Updates on the FF/ Daredevil film rights situation with Fox

Conflicting reports are swirling on the interwebz regarding the situation over rights to using Fantastic Four baddie "Galactus" and the Daredevil reboot, both films of which 20th Century Fox owns the rights to and the latter franchise looking to revert back to the Disney owned Marvel Studios. However, according to a report by Deadline, Fox insiders have denied that there would be any trading of the rights to using Galactus over extending the rights to the Daredevil franchise, so it looks as if that the Man Without Fear's going home to the House of Ideas' own production house and getting a new film treatment through them. This is all speculation now, but with David Slade dropping out of doing a new DD film and Chronicle's own director Josh Trenk helming Fox's new FF film, this is a scenario that's likely to happen. Stay tuned for more updates, and for more on the scoop, visit the source post at Deadline and Comic Book Resources.

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