Saturday, October 5, 2013

Godzilla: Comic-Con Trailer released online

What was shown in this year's San Diego Comic Con finally makes its way online... And triumphantly proves that the King Of Monsters is indeed coming back next year... WITH A VENGEANCE.

Godzilla Trailer by itsartmag
Godzilla SDCC 2013 Concept Trailer

Alternative link - Via Screen Crush.

Gojira.... GOJIRA... GODZILLA IS COMING. And indeed... The King of Monsters looks as terrifying and deadly as he did... Even more so in this day and age! With the likes of Aaron "Kick Ass" Johnson, Bryan "Breaking Bad" Cranston, and Ken "Last Samurai" Watanabe starring, this is one revitalized kaiju flick fans of the Big G dare not miss!

Catch the Garth Edwards directed reimagination of "Godzilla" when it stomps into conventional and IMAX theaters worldwide c/o Warner Bros. and Legendary starting May 16, 2014!

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