Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Justice League: War: Trailer for the New 52 DC Animated Movie goes online

Prepare for a full scale invasion of epic DC Comics quantities next year, as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment prepare to unleash the "Origin" of the Justice League in the newly shaped DC New 52 Universe by the first DC Universe Animated Original Movie slated for next year, Justice League: War!

Based on the bestselling and first New 52 storyline "Origin" of the relaunched "Justice League" series by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, Justice League: War sees the World's Greatest Superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman banding together for the first time, overcoming differences and personal conflicts with one another to combat a greater threat: Darkseid and his invasion of Earth.

Released by IGN, here's the very first trailer to Justice League: War!

Justice League: War - Trailer Debut

Unlike the storyline which it's based on, War does contain some differences and elements that stray from the original source material. Founding member and regular JL presence Aquaman has not been included, and has been replaced by the former Captain Marvel and world's mightiest mortal himself, Shazam! Despite some other changes like Wonder Woman's costume, the core tale is mainly intact. We'll just have to wait and see how it fares come release next year, but it's still good news for DC Comics fans... Especially those who've waited for DC stories in the New 52 Universe to be made into Animated Movies!

Justice League: War will be directed once again by Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox director Jay Oliva, and will see release on 2014!

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