Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marvel Movies: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Theatrical Trailer Sneak Peek and Screenshots go online

A day after debuting the impressive new theatrical poster (two versions even) and prepping up fans for the unveiling of the brand new theatrical trailer courtesy of iTunes this Thursday, some new teases have come online via the Captain America and Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook pages for the first new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie for 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

SPOILERS follow naturally of course, so look and watch at your own risk, soldiers!

Via the Cap Facebook Page, here's a special Sneak Peek of the Trailer popping up tomorrow.

Quite the tease indeed. And if that's not enough, some juicy screenshots taken from the trailer have popped in as well via the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook Page.

Cap/ Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), in his new outfit inspired by the "Super Soldier" uniform Commander Steve Rogers wears during Marvel Comics "Heroic Age" era, alongside the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. himself, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

Cap takes care of a couple of baddies... The old fashioned way.

And here's Cap wearing a familiar outfit... Ala World War II and from the first movie, Captain America: The First Avenger! What could it mean?

Right now, everyone's waiting for that juicy new trailer. Stay tuned for it, true believers!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier marches into theaters on March 28, 2014 for international territories, and April 4, 2014 in the US!

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