Friday, January 24, 2014

Batman: How would The Bat-Man be without Bill Finger?

It's The Batman's 75th Anniversary this year, and while we have a lot to thank artist Bob Kane for coming up with the concept of the character, there's another unsung hero and comic personality who deserves a lot of credit for making Bruce Wayne and what his Dark Knight alter ego is today... And that's none other than Bill Finger.

Via i09 and Comic Book Resources, illustrator Ty Templeton made a pretty convincing classic comic strip on how Batman would have looked if Bob Kane had gone ahead and created "Bat-Man" without Bill Finger. This is simply a must read!

And there you have it. Bill Finger's influence would make The Batman as how he is TODAY.

February 8 marks what would have been Finger's 100th Birthday. 2014 truly is The Year of The Bat indeed.

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