Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DC Comics: Batman Vs Bane after Forever Evil... And Wally West returns in April!

It's BIG NEWS in the world of comics, and in the universe of DC Comics, some things are coming to a head and returning in a very BIG way that's sure to excite fans of Batman and The Flash altogether.

First off, is the return of the long lost successor to Barry Allen's mantle of The Flash, his own nephew Wally West... Who returns this April (FINALLY) in a new storyline beginning in The Flash Annual #3. However, it's not yet known HOW or WHY he returns... And his absence for three years since The New 52 began had fans craving for his comeback. Now they get their wish, courtesy of writers Robert Venditti and Van Jansen and artist Brett Booth... With a new Blue Costume for the second speedster in Modern DC Universe to carry the title "The Flash". For more about the story and 2014 being the year of big things for "The Flash", visit the source post at USA Today.

And now the second item sees "Two Batmen" coming to blows, as Bruce Wayne returns to reclaim his spot as the "One True Batman" after Bane unofficially stepped in to use the symbol during the events of "Forever Evil: Arkham War". It's Batman vs Bat-Bane in a clash that happens in the Aftermath of the event, as Comic Book Resources gives us a look at the cover to "Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman Vs Bane #1"!

Look forward to these moments in DC Comics come April!

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