Friday, January 3, 2014

Marvel: Deadpool is getting MARRIED?!

HOLY CHIMICHANGA... The Merc With The Mouth is getting HITCHED!

Having planned and teased a BIG WEDDING event for April 2014, Marvel has revealed what all the hubbub was about... And it's none other than Wade Wilson himself, aka Deadpool, tying the knot with a mysterious bride-to-be!

Those following the insane mutant's adventures will probably be most aware of current events happening to ol' Wade, but Marvel is building this up as a "Big Event", so who knows what misadventures will happen to DP before he steps up the altar with the love of his life? And check out the ENTIRE Marvel Universe looking on in the poster above, including Wade's own Deadpool Corps!

It could also be a Red Herring and it DOES fall on April Fool's month... So Who Knows?!

 For more information, visit the source post at Comic Book Resources and Marvel!

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