Thursday, January 30, 2014

DC Comics: The New NEW 52 Earth-2 Batman's identity has been revealed *SPOILER*

Released this week and already making some waves including in Newsarama, the long mysterious identity of the NEW New 52 Earth-2 Batman has been revealed in this week's Earth-2 Annual #2... And it's not much of a doozy given recent developments but SPOILER MODE nonetheless for those keeping tabs and reading the books.

You have been warned.


If the costume, hues, and red eyes weren't clues enough, we've got it right here already as plain as daylight...

Much like Flashpoint before it, THOMAS WAYNE IS THE NEW EARTH-2 BATMAN. As Newsarama points out in the source post, this version of Thomas actually survives his assassination attempt and gets powers, and after killing Joe Chill, Bruce/ Batman finds out and doesn't want to have anything to do with him. After Bruce dies, Thomas takes over as the new Bats, in some attempt to atone and live up to the memory of his son.

If that isn't a form or plot twist, then I can stay safe knowing that a Wayne is still in the cape and cowl.

Earth-2 Annual #2 is now in comic book stores.

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