Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Batman 75: DC Universe Online "Building The Bat" feature explores Jim Lee's Batman

Batman Day Week ushers on, and DC Entertainment is not pulling any stops in letting fans and readers of the Caped Crusader know his big day arrives on Wednesday, July 23. That being said, Jim Lee and the people behind the publisher's popular MMORPG DC Universe Online have released this stellar video tackling the essence of The Dark Knight and his presence in the game, which is just perfect and in time for his 75th Anniversary.

75 Years of Batman: Building the Bat in DC Universe Online

What's pretty neat about the video is that not only does it recap the importance of Batman, but his design inspirations and look used in the game, which is drawn straight from Jim Lee's highly successful designs and pencil work in the 2002 "Batman: Hush" storyline. A classic take on the character is emphasized, not to mention it being recognizable and a standard for many that remains iconic to this day.

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