Saturday, July 12, 2014

DC The New 52: Green Lantern and New Gods "Godhead" event slated for October

It looks like there'll be no rest for the books involved in the Green Lantern universe, as not only do October solicitations for DC Comics reveal a new event is coming, but it will also involve the powerful New Gods and their almighty leader Highfather, who plan to tap into the emotional spectrum one way or another to take out Darkseid.

As revealed in The Nerdist and Comic, the new crossover series entitled "Godhead", a month long series that sees the entire Lantern Universe and the New Gods battling it out as Highfather seeks to get his hands on the seven rings of emotion to tap into the mysteries of the Source Wall and somehow use it to defeat his evil "brother" and lord of Apokolips himself, Darkseid. How this will affect the entire DC Universe in The New 52 is anyone's guess, but consequential is a start for sure!

Godhead begins with New Gods: Godhead #1 and spans the rest of the GL related titles this October. For more info on the solicits, see the source post at Comic

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