Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marvel: Avengers NOW - New Superior Iron Man, Female Thor, and Sam Wilson CONFIRMED as All-New Captain America

So news literally breaks in... And AFTER the reveal of a Female Thor and now the confirmation of Sam Wilson/ The Falcon as the successor to Steve Rogers' Captain America, Marvel has revealed a full-on poster of their next phase to their plans on their Marvel NOW! line of books, and that is the new set of heroes featured here in a new initiative they call Avengers NOW!

With the likes of Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, The Winter Soldier, and of course the new Cap and Thor shown, this is teasing some new directions and stories for the heroes featured under the House of Ideas' banner... Including a SUPERIOR IRON MAN title that gives Tony Stark a new armor with "Ultron" like colors (conveniently given recent developments), and a new mission that takes him to San Francisco. What that could be, who knows? Find out more in the source post at Newsarama and EW.Com.

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