Thursday, July 31, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christopher Nolan celebrate birthdays on The year of Batman's 75th Anniversary

July is about to end, but yesterday on the 30th of the month, two of Hollywood's most iconic talents celebrated their respective birthdays. Both can officially say that they were part of the long running Batman franchise, and while one's trip wasn't as memorable as the other, it still stands along the 75 years of adventure and legacy associated with the Dark Knight's legacy.

Pumping Iron. Action Star. Governator. Whatever you call him or know about him, legendary Hollywood actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger just turned 67 this year. Batfans will remember him for his portrayal of the cool and cruel "Mister Freeze" in Joel Schumacher's disappointing and forgettable 1997 movie that was "Batman and Robin", but there's no denying that the Austrian-born actor has done a lot through his career!

And of course, the man behind The Dark Knight Trilogy himself, Christopher Nolan, turns 44. The British-American film director is also known for his works "Memento" and "Inception", and has a new film coming up this year that you probably have heard about. It's called Interstellar.

So there you have it for July! The celebrations and many happy returns greetings go to these two Hollywood icons, and more stuff will surely come for Batman's 75th Anniversary this year!

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