Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alex Ross reveals cover to "Amazing Spider-Man #20" - DOC OCK LIVES AGAIN

Looks like a familiar Spider-Man villain is making his long awaited return from the dead, as Alex Ross revealed via his Facebook page his amazing cover to Marvel's "Amazing Spider-Man #20" - which shows Doctor Octopus back in his own body and tearing the mask of the webslinger apart!

While no details on exactly how Doc Ock comes back has been revealed, those who follow current ASM series written by Dan Slott know that after seemingly sacrificing his brain to restore Peter Parker back to his own body during the events of "Superior Spider-Man", Ock was able to make a back up of his mind in the robotic body of the "Living Brain". With the major Spidey event "Dead No More" fast approaching, it's a no brainer that Otto Octavius will return as a result of the events of that storyline.

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