Monday, July 25, 2016

SDCC 2016: DC on The CW Trailers released

It's been quite the popculture festive weekend, as San Diego Comic Con 2016 came, saw, and brought all the kinds of goodies that fans of comics, toys, games, movies, and the like enjoy. Of course. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were not short of anything superheroic, and next to their impressive Warner Bros. Pictures panel that brought the first trailers of Wonder Woman and Justice League to the world, the small screen got representation courtesy of the CW DC TV Shows!

Arrow | Season 5 Comic-Con®: First Look | The CW

Starting things off of course is the program that began the "Arrowverse" or "Berlantiverse" - Arrow. Now on its fifth season, Oliver Queen is now handling two huge responsibilities protecting his home of Star City - being the Green Arrow and Mayor of the town as well. However his team has all but dissolved, and now it's time to rebuild with new blood as a new villain appears - one Oliver has had a hand in creating unintentionally.

The Flash | Season 3 Comic-Con®: First Look | The CW

Next is the third season of the first spin-off show that has found great success as well - The Flash. After defeating Zoom last season with great personal loss and effects on his mind, Barry Allen decides to travel back in time and undo his Mother's murder at the hands of the Reverse Flash once and for all. Unfortunately this cause a huge change in the timeline that literally goes from better to worse, and a "Flashpoint" is created that ultimately shows Barry he must find a way to restore things back to the way it was.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow | Season 2 Comic-Con®: First Look | The CW

Finally, it's Rip Hunter and his remaining team of Legends that now take on their new responsibilities as Time Masters for "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2. As a strange face representing the "Justice Society of America" arrives to warn them of danger in the future, Rip and his companions consisting of The Atom, Firestorm, White Canary, and Heatwave must do what it takes to protect all of time and humanity itself from whatever evils may come.

The Best Superhero Shows Are on The CW | The CW>

All these, plus the debut of Supergirl on The CW, return and make an impact this October!!!

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