Saturday, July 2, 2016

Street Fighter V: "A Shadow Falls" Update released & EVO 2016 on ESPN 2.

It's been a long wait for fans who have stuck around with the latest entry in the Street Fighter series, but now Capcom has delivered and released the newest update for "Street Fighter V" - which finally delivers the much anticipated "Story Mode" called "A Shadow Falls" - which bridges the gap between the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III and sees the final clash between the forces of Shadaloo and the World Warriors.

SFV: A Shadow Falls - Cinematic Story Release Trailer

For more details on Story Mode, as well as the newly added post-launch characters in Ibuki and Balrog, check out the Capcom-Unity page.

The month of July also brings that time of the year again when the world's greatest fighting game players gather together in one place - the Evolution Championship Series. This year marks a big turn in the e-sports scene, as Street Fighter V will be featured and streamed live during the EVO 2016 finals on July 17.

Street Fighter V TV Spot - EVO 2016 on ESPN2

Street Fighter V is available on PS4 and PC.

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