Thursday, July 21, 2016

SDCC 2016: "Imposter Batman" dressed Joker revealed by Hot Toys

You already know "There's Plenty Wrong" with The Joker... But what is turning out to be a surprising reveal at this San Diego Comic Con's "Preview Night" will have fans speculating as to what this August's Suicide Squad will bring, as Hot Toys has given attendees and the world via photo coverage (via Comic a look at "Imposter Batman" Joker - aka Jared Leto's maniacal visage inside a Ben Affleck Batsuit that has been defiled and "Jokerized" for the Clown's own shenanigans!

What this exactly means for Batman in "Suicide Squad" and how The Joker got it is all left to interpretation. We'll just have to wait for Suicide Squad in theaters... And this Hot Toys to be available to collectors!

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