Thursday, July 7, 2016

Meet the New Invincible Iron Man - Riri Williams

When Marvel relaunches things (again) with Marvel NOW! later this year, Tony Stark will be stepping out of his familiar armored identity as the "Invincible Iron Man" and a new character will be taking his place - an MIT student and 15 year old African American girl named Riri Williams.

Created by "Invincible Iron Man" writer Brian Michael Bendis, Riri is the latest diversity character to step up in the game and be added as the new "hero in the block" to assume the identity of a prominent superhero. Bendis also created Miles Morales - the other Spider-Man who came from the Ultimate Universe, and currently Sam Wilson serves as "Captain America" alongside Steve Rogers. There's plenty of stories to tell in the Marvel Universe, and the House of Ideas is taking the big step forward. For more on the story - read TIME's scoop on their website.

Catch Riri Williams as Iron Man when she debuts this fall 2016.

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