Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Batman: The Animated Series turns 24 years old this week

On September 5th, 1992 - one of the most ICONIC characters in comic book history received what is arguably known as the "Definitive" TV Series adaptation of his world to date, as Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski developed "Batman: The Animated Series" - an animated feature that ran for 85 episodes and follows the exploits of the DC Comics character Batman as well as his world in Gotham City and beyond. After the success of Tim Burton's two Batman films, the series was developed by Timm and Radomski - using the Burton films as inspiration and developing a film noir style cartoon that continues to be a timeless classic any Batfan can watch and enjoy. The series was also known for bringing together a diverse cast of voice actors that brought the characters to life - with Kevin Conroy serving as the definitive "Voice of Batman" and Star Wars legend Mark Hamill becoming the certified voice of "The Joker" as well with his iconic insane laughter behind the maniacal portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Batman: The Animated Series Opening

The music, composed by Shirley Walker and adapted from Danny Elfman's iconic score to the Burton Batman films, is just something to behold.

Following the success of BTAS, film features were made as well as several other DC Animated shows that were set in the same universe, leading to Superman: The Animated Series, the futuristic sequel Batman Beyond, and the union of DC's super heroes with Justice League. 24 years later, Batman: The Animated Series' influence is without a doubt something that any Batfan can be very proud of. Happy Anniversary, BTAS!

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