Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Birthday: Remembering the late great Christopher Reeve, aka Superman

Way before Henry Cavill became the "Man of Steel" for the DC Extended Universe and Brandon Routh flew for a one time film adventure in "Superman Returns", the world was introduced to the most iconic interpretation of DC Comics' very own Superman in 1978 when Christopher Reeve was cast to play the titular hero, better known by his birth name "Kal-El" and his human name Clark Kent. There was a charm to Reeve that still remains beloved by fans who have seen the Richard Donner film... And even after being rendered a quadriplegic through an accident in 1995 he still continued to inspire others with his determination and will to live beyond his handicap way until his death in 2004.

Despite being no longer with us, he'll be the person who made fans believe "A Man Could Fly".

Superman Christopher Reeve tribute

R.I.P. Superman and Happy Birthday, Christopher Reeve.

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