Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Venom #1: Todd McFarlane variant is a classic remastered panel from "ASM #299"

In what is certainly a "blast from the past" piece of artwork that featured the very first appearance of one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies in the late 80's, the upcoming new "Venom" series Marvel is cooking up is going to reuse and recolor existing artwork by Todd McFarlane that was seen in The Amazing Spider-Man #299 and was the issue that saw the first appearance of Eddie Brock as Venom. As reported by Newsarama along with an interview with McFarlane himself, hat panel has been remastered and given a new lease in life as one of the variants of "Venom #1" - which is still a mystery as to who will be the new host of Peter Parker's former symbiote suit.

Time will tell for sure what's the deal with "new" Venom, but expect the issue on November 23rd from Marvel comics themselves.

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