Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's Happening: Justice League vs Suicide Squad announced by DC Comics

Heads up DC Comics readers- looks like the recent success of "Suicide Squad" in the box office and the inevitable arrival of the "Justice League" movie in 2017 has DC Entertainment taking advantage of the hype in an interesting way - The League and Task Force X are going to meet and face-off in a new miniseries that starts this December - Justice League vs Suicide Squad, which will be written by Joshua Williams and illustrated by the talented Jason Fabok!

Via The Wallstreet Journal, The crossover will kick off with the solo miniseries book in Christmas month, which will run for six issues, and tie in with the DC Rebirth books "Suicide Squad" with issues #9 and #10, as well as "Justice League" #11 and #12. It will focus on Batman's mission to take down Amanda Waller's squad, as the Justice League already exists and questions the need for the criminals' presence and the controversial way they are being used to fulfil the dirty jobs the government needs them to do in exchange for lighter sentences.

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