Monday, September 26, 2016

Green Arrow: 75 years of the Emerald Archer honored!

He's been called many things. The Emerald Archer. The Battling Bowman. Star City's vigilante hero.

But to his loved ones and fans, he is Oliver Queen... Aka The Green Arrow. This year marks the character's 75th anniversary, and since he first appeared More Fun Comics #73, the superhero created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp has been more than just a Robin Hood rip-off... He's a flawed character who makes up for his mistakes and never losses sight of his target. From spoiled beginnings as a billionaire playboy, his origins from being stranded on an island to learning first hand what it is to be a social justice warrior has been chronicled significantly... And from adventures shared with Green Lantern and the Justice League to his beloved "pretty bird" Black Canary, Ollie's time in comics has been cherished and honored - as well as being made into an action packed TV Series starring Stephen Amell in "Arrow" to boot!

In addition to a 75 years banner released in the official FB page, here's a pretty good tribute video by YouTube user Kaptur America.

Green Arrow 75th Anniversary Tribute

Happy 75 Years, Green Arrow!

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