Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 25 Years, Nintendo Entertainment System!

Here's a little shoutout to one of the earliest videogame systems I've ever had the privilege of experiencing through the course of my life. Picture up there is a snapshot of a second hand model I acquired a few weeks back. It's dusty and worn down, but it still functions and was luckily packed along with two controllers and a cartridge of Super Mario Bros. 3! Yes folks, Mario is not the only one celebrating his 25th anniversary, but so is the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was released in the US 25 years ago today! I talked about it a little while back in a previous post, but this is the real date to celebrate! Let's give the retro console a cheer and pat it in the back, as remember the good ol' times and funny moments we've all experienced back then as gamers!

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