Saturday, October 30, 2010

Take a look at Tim Burton's "Superman Lives" costume!

Just in time for the Halloween, Superman fans will finally get to see the suit that could have been had director Tim Burton gotten the greenlight to go forward with his take on th Man of Steel in "Superman Lives".

Revealed to the public for the first time by FX man Steve Johnson via his Facebook and through movie blog site Screen Rant, Superpeeps can finally take a glance at a very different take of Superman's suit, which appears more Kryptonian and futuristic compared to the iconic Red and Blue we know.

This was also the movie where Nicholas Cage was supposedly tagged to play the famous DC hero, and the mold wearing the suit suggests that it could have happened had things sailed smoothly and Burton directed. Nic Cage has always been vocal about his big time adoration and fandom for Supes, and him playing the Man of Steel would have finally been his dream come true next to naming his own son "Kal-El" (Superman's Kryptonian birth name). Still, we can only imagine what could have been with these shots. For more pics, visit Steve's own FB album or see the feature article over at Screen Rant!

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