Sunday, October 10, 2010

NYCC 2010: The Invincible Iron Man becomes 500 this January!

Announced during Marvel's Avengers Assemble panel in the New York Comic Con, former billionaire industrialist and Avenger founding member Iron Man will see his series return to its original numbering this coming January 2011, with the announcement and revelation of covers for The Invincible Iron Man #500! To celebrate such a milestone release, multiple covers will be released alongside the one above drawn by series regular Salvador Larroca, including this impressive spread drawn by Marko Djurdjevic!

Naturally, it wouldn't be Iron Man without a good armor schematic cover, and here's one analyzing the ins and outs of Tony's new "Bleeding Edge" armor!

For more info, as well as the announcement of the new series "Iron Man 2.0" starring James "Rhodey" Rhodes/ War Machine, check out the source post over at Newsarama!

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