Monday, October 17, 2011

Spotlight on DC Showcase: Catwoman Animated Short!

It may be Batman month this October with the releases of Batman: Year One and Batman: Arkham City, but a certain feline love interest of the Caped Crusader also takes on part of the spotlight this month! Catwoman bursts into the scene in both mediums as co-star and playable character, but it's in the former animated movie package that features her in a solo adventure, in new short from DC Showcase! If you want a taste of this spectacular, sexy, and stylish animated feature, take a gander at this preview clip from DC Showcase: Catwoman!

DC Showcase: Catwoman clip

Pretty slick eh? It captures Selina Kyle perfectly to a tee, and it's writted by Batman: The Animated Series veteran and comic book scribe Paul Dini. Be sure to catch, watch, and get Batman: Year One, which will be available online and on home media, or you can see it now as it's featured in YouTube, but for how long is uncertain. Look forward to a review from me on both Warner Bros. Animated features soon!

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