Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Webisodes are now online!

Fans of The Walking Dead anxiously waiting for the release of Season 2 this month will be delighted to know that there's good news today!

Via the show's official website, AMC and Greg Nicotero have lived up to their promise and delivered the new webisode series "Bicycle Girl"! Directed by Nicotero himself, the story of course will precede the events of the first season of "The Walking Dead", and will tell the tale of Hannah, a mom who is desperately trying to find and save her children as the zombie apocalypse hits the world. She eventually becomes the half bodied walker that Rick Grimes encounters and puts out of its misery in the first episode "Days Gone Bye" in The Walking Dead Season 1, so learn her story, as well as those around her here!
The first episode has been embedded below:

The Walking Dead "Bicycle Girl" Webisode 1 - "A New Day"

To see the rest of the webisodes (6 in total) and more info on the series, go visit the official site of The Walking Dead on amctv.com!

 The Walking Dead Season 2 will premiere with fresh meat in store for fans this October 16th!

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