Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marvel Teasers: "What if there wasn't only one?"

Marvel has released another teaser poster that's a sure fire way to keep heads bouncing and debating over in the comic book fan circle.

Featured in and Newsarama, a new one sheet points to new speculation that Cable may not be the only Marvel figure returning from the grave. The words "What if there wasn't only one?" is written in a clear black sheet, with a singular red star plastered in the middle. Obvious speculation leads fans to surmise that Bucky Barnes, the partner of Steve Rogers/ Captain America who was the Winter Soldier and perished recently as the second Captain America, is the one being hinted to return, but there's also the chance that it may be someone else coming back... or something new entirely. We won't know for sure until more details flesh out, but the release date is set for January 2012, so look for more details at the source posts at Newsarama and!

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