Sunday, December 25, 2011

Danny Trejo is the Epic Beard Man... aka "Bad Ass"!

Remember the internet sensation in 2010 of the " Epic Beard Man" beating up a bunch of hooligans picking on him in a bus?

Epic Beard Man (Guile Theme Style)

Well, now that's been turned into a movie... and Danny "Machete" Trejo is playing the role of the man infamously nicknamed "Bad Ass", Frank Vega! This 50 second trailer should give you the gist of what's going to happen... and in my action movie book, this deserves as much attention as The Expendables 2 next year! Check it out!

Bad Ass Trailer

Bad Ass indeed! Check out more info on the movie via the source post at Slash Film and the official Bad Ass Facebook Page!

Be sure to catch Danny Trejo being "Bad Ass" in theaters on April 2012! Merry Christmas!

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