Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playstation 3 updates to be PS Vita ready!

Those of you who own a Playstation 3 console and look forward to owning a Playstation Vita, better take heed of this news!

With the Japanese launch of the Vita just two weeks away, Sony has prepared gamers with PS3 units for the impending arrival of their newest portable system by releasing their latest system software update, Version 4.00, out in the interwebz. This allows the black monolith console to serve as a content management device for those who have a Vita, and much like its predecessor the Playstation Portable, all videos, music, save data, and files can be easily transferred back and forth by both devices.

Besides Vita compatibility, other features and settings have been given to PSN users and Playstation Plus subscribers. In my case, I just updated my firmware to 4.00, and am looking forward to connectivity between my PS3 and the Vita once I get my own personal unit! For more information, read up the details on Kotaku and the official Playstation Blog!

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