Thursday, December 1, 2011

Farewell, Gamepro...

Sad news came to me just a few minutes ago, and probably the wave of overwhelming nostalgia I'm feeling right now rides up there when EGM initially shut down operations the first time around.

Gamepro, one of the longest running video game magazines in existence, is shutting down operations for good in the US, showing signs of the times and the end of an era. The news, which hit the web instantaneously in sites like Venture Beat as soon as the publication posted the announcement, has sent ripples and shockwaves in the gaming community, and there are certainly a lot of mixed reactions to its sudden and surely inevitable demise. Beginning in 1989, the magazine was slowly going to shift from a monthly publication schedule to a quarterly one, but that doesn't seem to be the case any longer, as parent company IDG has formally announced it will shut down operations. Gamepro's website, which has been in operation for 13 years, will now be absorbed into PCWorld, and will take effect come December 5th.

As with all cease and desist operations, Gamepro's offices will be closed down, and people will be laid off and lose their jobs as a result. In the article by VentureBeat, the shutdown is described as the "creative success not falling in line with business success", and that can be attributed to the times and lack of push the publication industry has because of the influence and presence the internet generates today.

As a gamer and person who grew up in that generation, Gamepro was one of my initial sources for news, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks related to the world of video games. I used to buy a handful of issues back in the day, and I still have said copies stored and kept in my collection. Despite being out of touch with it in recent years, reading this bit of news now has weighed down heavily in my heart, and I feel for those who have remembered the magazine for its contributions to the video game news industry. It may have had its shortcomings compared to the likes of EGM, but it still delivered hot and potentially interesting news to gamers worldwide. Truly, the mag shall be missed. For more details and the rest of the story, visit the source post at Venture Beat or Gamepro's soon to be gone official website itself.

Here's a final salute in the form of an issue cover I had and remember well from the 90's. It was during the 90's console war era, and back then I had a Sega Genesis and played Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition, with this particular magazine serving as a guide to me. Those were the good ol' days of gaming, which were arguably blissful and simple.

Rest In Peace Gamepro, and thanks for everything.

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