Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: Spoofs/ Parodies of the theatrical trailer

Since it was released officially online earlier this week, the latest trailer of The Dark Knight Rises has been getting some pretty crafty spoofs and parodies.

Here's the "sweded" version, which is from Bryan Harley and friends... the same guys who made the sweded Avengers movie trailer spoof!

The Dark Knight Rises "sweded" trailer

Now, courtesy of Trailer Cats, comes the "Purrfect Parody" of the TDKR trailer!

The Dark Knight Rises Purrfect Parody
Hilarious spoofs! Be sure to check the source uploads at Bryan Harley and Trailer Cats at You Tube!

Be sure to watch the actual TDKR movie next year on July 20!

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