Thursday, January 5, 2012

Concept Art: The Justice League of Japanese Anime...

Considering the immense popularity of western comics, it comes as no surprise that characters from the rich history of DC Comics would some form or way get considered for a Japanese styled anime/ tokusatsu treatment. Back in the 70's, Marvel's own webslinging hero Spider-Man got turned into a Tokusatsu TV series, and the House of Ideas even released some miniseries some years back using Manga styled drawings. DC almost gave the greenlight to that approach, but sadly it did not come to pass. Thankfully, io9 has put up some concept art of the proposals via Project Rooftop, as illustrated by one Cliff Chiang. You can take a look at them via i09, and check out how heroes like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and The Flash are drawn very much similar to Gatchaman, Mazinger Z, Ultraman, and Racer X!

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