Sunday, January 29, 2012

New pics of Hasbro's "The Avengers" movie toys go online!

Via and Comic Book Movie, more pictures of Hasbro's upcoming new toyline based on Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" have hit online, and have showcased some rather interesting assortments for those looking to collect these figures and accessories.

In addition to the usual 3.75" and 6" figures, there are new gimmicks such as the "Stark Tek Assault Armor" series, which see Iron Man and Captain America donning some HulkBuster-like exosuits, and new 6" figures reveal that aside from the movie figures, we'll be getting some comic book Avengers lovin' with toys based on The Ultimates! Take a look at Ultimate Hawkeye below!

For more pics, visit the source post at and CBM!

The Avengers assemble in theaters internationally on April 25th and at the US on May 4th!

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