Saturday, January 14, 2012

Green Arrow to star in own TV Series; Will appear in Justice League #8!

Oliver Queen is striking back this week with a vengeance, and with good reason too.

The DC Comics' superhero better known as "Green Arrow" has been making the waves lately, with two news bits that have been circulating around the interwebz. First off, the hero has been pegged for a TV Series by The CW, the same network that aired the pre-Superman series "Smallville". Justin Hartley played a version of the character in the latter show, but there's no word out whether or not he'll be reprising that role, or when the series will get the greenlight to be done. Take note, this is just a network expressing interest, and it could be some time until we hear anything concrete and official.

The second bit of news related to the Emerald Archer is what you see above - Green Arrow finally makes his New 52 Justice League debut in issue #8, with Geoff Johns and Carlos D'Anda (Batman: Arkham City) doing the introductions. Main artist and DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee will be taking a break from art duties starting with issue #6, but he'll be returning in full force on issue #9. In the meantime, cover art is still coming from him, with this "Days of Future Past" style Green Arrow/ JL picture for issue #8 gracing the cover. For more info the stories, visit the source posts at Superherohype and Comic Book Movie!

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