Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Look: The Bourne Legacy Teaser Poster and First Pic!

Courtesy of Comic Book Movie, Cine 1, and USA Today, Universal Pictures has released the first teaser poster and picture from the new "spin-off" installment of the Bourne film series, The Bourne Legacy. Starring Jeremy Renner of Hurt Locker, upcoming Avengers, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol fame as new rogue agent and lead Aaron Cross, as he and the rest of his costars (Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz included) are thrown into a web of conspiracy that has further been provoked by the actions of Jason Bourne in the previous films. Below is the first shot of Renner as Aaron Cross.

The film is currently being shot across the globe, and coincidentally, will do location shooting in New York, Canada, and in Asian countries, including The Philippines as well! For more information on the poster and pics, visit the source posts at CBM, Cine 1, and USA Today!

The Bourne Legacy sees release on theaters on August 3 this year!

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