Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: "The Bat-Wing" gets a name...

With 6 months to go just before The Dark Knight Rises arrives in theaters and Christopher Nolan ends his Batman film run with a bang, the interwebz has stumbled onto and unearthed one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the film: the name of the new vehicle Batman will use in his war against crime. Via Comic Book Movie and CinemaBlend, the question has been addressed and answered, through the most uncanny yet somewhat obvious source, and before anything gets revealed after the jump, consider this a BIG SPOILER for anyone trying to shy away from information and keep pure until the movie gets released this July. With that said, here we go...

Thanks to Wireless Goodness, FCC filings for Hot Wheels toys that are apparently for The Dark Knight Rises clearly show the name of the flying vehicle, and it is going to be called "The Bat". Take a moment to breath and use that in a sentence, and Batman fans will probably find the conundrum right there. For years, we've called every flying vehicle The Caped Crusader has ever used as the "Bat-Wing" or "Batcopter", but simply being called "The Bat" will get some people confused, especially when it's a name criminals use to describe Batman himself and not one of his rides. Probably it has an official codename like the Tumbler (which was never officially called "The Batmobile" in any of the previous Batman films), and only the Bat-Pod got called its name by Alfred in The Dark Knight. Well, we'll just have to wait and see how "The Bat" earned its moniker when the film officially arrives in theaters. In the meantime, gear up for some more reading on the subject by checking out the source posts at Wireless Goodness, CBM, and Cinema Blend.

The Dark Knight Rises casts a shadow of The Bat on theaters on July 20!

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