Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creative parodies of The Dark Knight Rises Trailer!

Since it hit the web in December, the official theatrical trailer of The Dark Knight Rises has generated a lot of buzz, comments, and "creative output", with the latter taking shape in the form of "parodies" that mix and match parts from the trailer. Streaming through You Tube and being posted in other news blog sites, there have been several new trailers that combine footage from other well known things from the pop culture spectrum, and the end result is just awesomeness personified. Take a look at what has been trending so far.

The Lion King Rises - Simba faces his bane in the form of Scar. A good remix using a classic Disney animated tale.

The Jinchuriki of Kyubi Rises -  Naruto dukes it out with Sasuke in epic Batman parody style fashion.

Kamen Rider W Rises - A hard boiled styled remix using one of the finest recent Rider crossover movies ever.

Also, the latest from Conan O' Brien has him taking a stab at Bane's voice, which has become quite the topic as well.

LOL's all the way. Be sure to check out The REAL Dark Knight Rises coming to theaters on July 20 this year!

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