Friday, March 22, 2013

2 DC Comics writers leave books... And DC planned to kill off a Major Green Lantern character?

The comic community around interwebz has been abuzz lately, with the news of certain writers and talents of DC Comics leaving some of their books on The New 52 over creative differences.

New Action Comics' scribe Andy Diggle has walked out of the Superman book way before his first issue came out, announcing it on his official Twitter Page and the announcement being officially confirmed by DC Comics themselves. Following that, new and upcoming Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns writer Joshua Hale Fialkov also announced (via his blog) that he's departing before his stint begins, also citing differences with editorial decisions about the direction of the book that led to his decision. Those stories ran through Newsarama and Bleeding Cool respectively, and they've been trending over comic book news related websites ever since.

Now, the kicker is the REASON why Fialkov walked out, which was reported by Bleeding Cool and contains possible SPOILERS, as the story MAY still run even with his departure.

According to a Bleeding Cool post (UPDATE: Now Comic Book Resources as well), Industry sources say that DC wanted to have mainstay Green Lantern John Stewart die during Fialkov's run in the book, and that's the reason why he walked out apparently. Created by Dennis O'Neal and Neal Adams in the 70's, Stewart is one of the most well-recognized African-American superheroes in popculture, as well as the easiest and most identifiable Green Lanterns thanks to his appearance in the DC Animated Universe series' Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

However, just because Josh is no longer the writer for Green Lantern Corps doesn't mean DC may abandon their plans yet, and one has to wonder if this will mean the end of the Corps' expert engineer and military man. For more on the story, visit the source post at Bleeding Cool.

UPDATE 2: He's NOT going to be killed off based on several reactions once the story got out! Good news coming from Bleeding Cool!

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