Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DC Comics announces "Batman The Zero Year" origin story

Since DC Comics began their relaunch with The New 52 universe in 2011, much talk and speculation came about as to how semi-reboot series like the "Batman" and "Green Lantern" titles would fit into the new continuity. Instead of a total new reboot altogether, portions of history from the pre-DC New 52 timeline existed and carried over to the new status quo, and while Green Lantern more or less had a smooth transition without any disruptions to it story, the Batman universe didn't really fair the same, with eyebrows raising over things like how all the Robins served under Batman in the 5-6 years since his emergence to fight crime. Case in point, a story had to be told concerning the definite origins of The New 52 Batman... And DC Comics is looking to do just that.

Via a report from the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex, DC Comics will unleash a brand new origin story called "Batman: The Zero Year", to be handled by the superstar "Batman" comic team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. Following their successful runs with "The Court of Owls", "The Night of Owls", and most recently "Death of the Family", the new story arc was announced by DC on Monday, and will span 11 issues to tell the definite "origin story" of how The Batman came to be in the New 52 universe. It was touched on briefly with "Zero Month" last September, but now the definite history will be told beginning the middle of this year. For more information on the story, visit the source post at Hero Complex.

Batman: The Zero Year begins on June 21!

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