Sunday, March 31, 2013

DC Comics The New 52: First Look at New Earth 2 Batman

As March ends and April is about to begin, DC Comics and the folks of WonderCon have revealed an Easter treat of sorts for fans of Batman and Earth 2, as readers and viewers get their very first look at the New Earth 2 Batman who'll be making his grand debut at May's "Earth 2 Annual #1"!

As seen above and partially shown in the cover to the issue which featured in DC's May Solicitations, Earth 2 Batman still retains the basic look like his original universe counterpart, but also mixes themes that borrow heavily from Batman Beyond, Batwoman, and Flashpoint "Thomas Wayne" Batman, making him somewhat of an amalgamation of the three. We still don't know who's behind the cape and cowl, but readers of The New 52 that it's NOT Bruce Wayne, since his fate was decided in the pages of the very first issue of Earth 2.

Time will tell for sure who is this "New" Batman. For more information on the story, visit the source post at Newsarama.

Learn and read more on the first appearance of the mysterious new Earth 2 Batman when "Earth 2 Annual #1" hits stores on May 29!

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