Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Batman: TDK Trilogy Audtions clips/ pics, Fox's Gotham TV Series, and Arkham Origins "Knightfall" pack trailer

Batman's always around when you need him, and there's plenty of news related to the Dark Knight that's both exciting and much anticipated for fans of the DC Comics superhero and character. Despite not getting a new film appearance until Ben Affleck suits up for the yet untitled "Batman Vs Superman" movie, there's tons of new stuff to expect related to the Caped Crusader or his world - including more new audition screenshots from the newly released "The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition", A new upcoming "Gotham" TV Series focusing on a young James Gordon, and finally some PS3 exclusive "Knightfall" content from the upcoming video game "Batman: Arkham Origins".

Getting its release this week and packed with some new bonus features and never beforen seen content, this super powered re-release of Christopher Nolan's epic"Dark Knight Trilogy" stands as the prized possession that any Batman fan who's seen these films could wish for. A lot of clips and teasers of said bonus content have come online, and some have even been featured a few days ago in a related post.

Well, there's more out now, and in addition to seeing star and Batman actor Christian Bale audition in a Val Kilmer batsuit, how about Scarecrow actor and co-star Cillian Murphy, who auditioned for the lead role too, as well as Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy's auditions for their respective roles as Catwoman and Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"?

Here's a shot of Cillian Murphy AS Batman in the same Kilmer suit Christian Bale wore during his audition via Slash Film.

And via Batman-News and Screen Crush, here's Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway donning their roles for their screen tests.

 Here's Anne Hathaway with an unfixed yet still recognizable look as Catwoman

And there's Tom Hardy in his menacing role as Bane.

In news from Deadline, a "Gotham" TV Series has been greenlit by Fox, created by Warner Bros. TV and "The Mentalist" creator Bruno Heller. No news yet has arrived as who's tapped to star in the role that was last played by legendary actor Gary Oldman in the TDK Trilogy, but the series will focus on Gordon as a young detective, who has yet to meet Batman (who's not part of the series) and also explores the early origins of Gotham City when it has yet to have its Dark Knight defender.

And finally via Superherohype, a new gameplay trailer featuring exclusive "Knightfall" content for the Playstation 3 release of "Batman: Arkham Origins", which comes out next month on October 25th and is a prequel to the famed Batman Arkham video game series. Featuring skins of Jean-Paul Valley "AzBats" Batman and the Adam West 1966 Batman, this pack also contains new challenge maps for players to explore and fight in, all based from the famed 1990's storyline "Knightfall" that saw Batman's back broken by Bane and a new yet unstable Batman emerging to succeed him.

Batman Arkham Origins: PS3 Exclusive Knightfall Pack Trailer

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