Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DC Comics: Geoff Johns leaving Aquaman with issue #25; Francis Manapul leaves Flash; Marriage and Superheroes

Looks like a shift in status and creatives in specific DC titles has been on as of late, and one particularly popular DC Comics title is saying goodbye to one of the publisher's most significant writers in recent history.

This coming November, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and writer Geoff Johns will be signing off from his two year run on Aquaman - A title he helped resurrect and make into one of the most popular reads in DC following the New 52 relaunch in 2011. Johns, who helped redefine Silver Age heroes The Flash and Green Lantern pre and post New 52, capped off a stellar run on the latter Emerald Warrior and his mythos early this year, and now bids farewell to the King of the Seven Seas. Replacing him will be Batman '66 writer Jeff Parker, who takes over from issue #26 onwards. With Johns' time set on Forever Evil, Justice League, and Batman: Earth One, it's probably a good time to say goodbye to the world of Arthur Curry/ Orin/ Aquaman. More on the story via Bleeding Cool.

On related news, some controversy arose on the status of Aquaman's marital status, particularly to his queen and wife, Mera. It seems that ever since The New 52 began, Aquaman was NOT married to her at all, leading to some fans wondering how that all came to pass. Since Batwoman creators JH Williams III and W Haden Blackman have left their book due to creative differences following their marriage idea for the character with Maggie Sawyer getting nixed, this has caused quite a stir, and how the status of married superheroes are affected in the long run. A good article by Bleeding Cool makes good on tackling "DC Comics and the War against Marriage". Read it up and have a looksie.

Also, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are leaving The Flash following issue #25 as well. Their departure however coincides with the release of an as of yet unannounced DC project. What that is, time will tell. More on the story via Comic Vine.

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