Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Poster released by AMC

Making its long awaited return in just about a month's time, AMC calms fans' appetites for "The Walking Dead" by releasing the brand new "Season 4 poster" for the show! Like previous season one sheets before it, this ominous centerpiece for the show once again features main protagonist and survivor Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), standing front and center amidst a broken fence that once protected what should be the now reinforced Prison that he and his fellow survivors reside in.

SPOILER THOUGHTS follow from here on, so read at your own risk after the jump.

With consistency and attention to detail added, this new image is another worthy entry to the growing line of posters that have since been released. Everyone of them played a key part in setting up what to expect for that specific season in question. Season 1's poster saw Rick in his Sheriff's Deputy uniform riding a horse towards the dead city of Atlanta.

Season 2 saw him running towards Hershel's Farmhouse, where majority of the episodes took place. By the time the second half of that season arrived, Rick had already discarded his police outfit for more casual clothing, yet retained the same type of color scheme on some outfits like beige and brown that's become his signature colors. His Sheriff's hat of course was passed to his son Carl, and like the comics, has become an iconic part of the story in terms of defining his son's new look and position in the group.

In Season 3, Rick's primary casual attire still remained similar to his Sheriff look, and now he stood firmly positioned to defend his group and protect their new safe haven of "The Prison", standing on top of a bus and aiming his signature weapon, The Colt Python, on any oncoming threat. With the words "Fight The Dead, Fear The Living" etched on the top of the one sheet, it was clear that the zombie apocalypse was not the only threat to them... As the looming presence of living enemies like The Governor was coming on that season.

Now, we come to Season 4 (seen on top), which foreshadows some bad things that may happen to our lead. Rick's right hand is bandaged up, possibly foreshadowing the fact that it may suffer severe injury or, worse, get cut off later like in the comic series by creator Robert Kirkman. Whether it's by The Governor (for revenge for last season) or by somebody else is still unknown, but it's been reported that one episode will be "ad libbed" and be somewhat of a direct adaptation of a specific moment in the comics. Time will tell for sure, but for now, anticipation and speculation build up. 

The Walking Dead - Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer

Rewatch the Season 4 Comic-Con trailer for more insight. For more information, visit the source post at AMC's official website for The Walking Dead and Screen Crush.

The Walking Dead returns with Season 4 on AMC starting October 13.

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