Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arrow: Stephen Amell/ Oliver Queen dons the domino mask during the Barry Allen two-parter, and a message for BatKid.

In what will be a major CHANGE that will bring the show closer to its comic book source material, The CW has released via Entertainment Weekly the very first image of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, suited up as his alter ego "Arrow" and donning the traditional hero "domino mask" that has eluded the character since his debut a year ago in favor of a facepaint mask under the hood.

The news, coming straight from and Newsarama, shows Ollie wearing his suit, but adding some new attire with the domino mask addition.

It'll be added to his repertoire during the second episode of the two-part "Barry Allen/ The Flash" storyline, but how and why is still a mystery. Those who have been following the show know that it's similar to what Black Canary has worn when she appeared. Could it be a gift from her or possibly an inspiration? Time will tell.

Also, check out this message from Ollie and the gang for the little Caped Crusader who touched people's hearts last weekend, BatKid.

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