Sunday, November 24, 2013

DC Comics: Trinity of Sin: Pandora #5 reunites a core mysterious group of the New 52...

For those following recent events in DC Comics, the first major crossover event for the relaunched New 52 DC Universe called "Forever Evil" is still in full swing, and the villains and Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 are prepared to enter a battle that'll determine the fate of the Earth... With the heroes of Justice League nowhere to be found.

Yet on the sidelines, something else has occurred in the latest issue of Trinity of Sin: Pandora that hasn't happened since 2012's Free Comic Book Day exclusive "DC Comics: The New 52 FCBD Edition" issue that introduced us to the conflict to come... And some faces that make up a core mysterious group that has stood the test of time... Literally.

SPOILERS ABOUND, so read at your own risk.

Via DC, it's been revealed on the final page of Trinity of Sin: Pandora #5 that the very Trinity itself has reunited, with Pandora, The Phantom Stranger, and The Question captured by John Constantine and chained to the Rock of Eternity. They've literally been rounded up to do one thing and one thing only... Eliminate Evil. How that'll happen will play out in the side crossover Forever Evil: Blight, which starts in Justice League Dark #24 which comes along very soon.

Pick up Trinity of Sin: Pandora #5 in stores now.

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Thefanboyseo said...

Here's to hoping that FE: Blight will be even better than the current Forever Evil book which is starting to fizzle out

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